Founding Member of Entertainment Group Successfully Keeps Royalties

Property settlements help determine who gets what, who brought what into the relationship and what share of the property does each party get. But what if the “property” being battled over are royalties from a successful entertainment group? This was the case in April 2012.

Pre-marital cohabitation and nine years of marriage between a founding member of a largely successful entertainment group and his wife ended. These parties were trying to determine who had contributed what to the relationship. The husband claimed that he had contributed more and stated his share as being 85%. The wife claimed it was 50%.

At the time of moving in together the wife had one car and $10,000. The husband had $1.9 million (his share of the group’s royalties) and was earning $237,000 a year. The entertainment group had started four years before the couple had moved in together. But the husband had to retire because of health reasons two years after the couple had separated.

Justice Ryan took into account all of the evidence provided by each party of their contributions to the marriage and relationship and agreed with the Father awarding him 85%.

Pope [2012] FamCA 204


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