“But I don’t wanna go!”

But I Don't Wanna Go

In 2011 a matter went before the Court when the father accused the mother of disobeying the court orders. The mother claimed she had a “real” and valid reason for not following the court orders in taking the children, aged 11 and 13, to see their father.

The reason why the Mother wasn’t taking the children to see the father was because the children “didn’t want to go”. The Court said it was important that the parents don’t see each other as enemies who are to be sabotaged at every turn. The Court said the parent’s role was to be an active one – encouraging the children to go see each parent positively.

“My child doesn’t want to/won’t go” is not a valid excuse to not follow court orders.

It seems the Court is saying that the parents have to remember that they, and not the children, are the parents. Also keeping in mind that children do not always know what is best for them, and each parent should take the Court orders seriously and follow them regardless of the tantrums thrown.


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