About Us

Kelly Batey is the principal of Batey’s Family Lawyers. Kelly has had a primary focus in the Family Law area since 2003.

Kelly is the immediatepast President of the Bankstown and District Branch of the Law Society; and Chairman of the Board of Directors for Georges River Grammar School. She is a member of the Family Law Section of the Law Council of Australia.

Outside of the law, Kelly enjoys reading, embroidery and playing drums.

Bruce Batey is the Managing Director of Batey’s Family Lawyers and focuses on Family Law, Business and Conveyancing Law, Elder Law, Wills and Estate Planning.

Bruce is currently the President of the Bankstown and District Branch of the Law Society. He has a trade and corporate background. In addition to his legal qualifications he has a Masters of Business Administration (MBA) specialising in Strategic Business Management. He is also a member in the NSW Fire and Rescue Band.

Outside of the law, Bruce enjoys reading, classical music, playing guitar, composing and recording rock songs.

Chloe has worked as a pizza cook, a legal secretary, a manager at a general retail shop, a candy bar girl at Hoyts, worked at a web design company and has now returned to legal secretary work. She is also the author of this blog.

Chloe has a Certificate II in Retail, a Certificate IV in Business Administration, is currently studying her Bachelor of Criminology and Criminal Justice, and has plans to continue studying after graduation by doing a Masters of Criminology and Criminal Justice and a Bachelor of Psychology.

Outside of work, Chloe enjoys driving around aimlessly, writing all sorts of things, watching trashy tv shows (hello Geordie Shore) and doing what most 21 year olds love doing- nothing.

Our Aim is to post every few days, but at least once a week, outlining a different matter that we have found interesting and sharing it with you.

If you’d like to know more about us check out Our website, alternatively you can shows us love by liking Our Facebook page or following Our Twitter page.


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