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Asperger’s Syndrome and Emotional Harm

A man with Asperger’s Syndrome appealed the court’s decision for his time with his children to be supervised indefinitely. The mother in the matter claimed that the children were at risk of emotional harm by the father.

The court has also heard two differing views from two psychologists – one court appointed and the other the man’s own personal psychologist – about the risk of emotional harm towards the children.

At the aappeal it was found that the court had not made any error in giving the man supervised time, however an error was found in the actual making of the orders. The court did not justify their resons for giving the man indefinite supervised time, nor did they provide any opportunity for the man to apply to change the orders in the future.

The matter is expected to return to court and the current orders to be set aside to amend the errors found.

This gives the man a chance to have the orders changed in the future if he can assure the court and the mother of his children that he poses no risk to the children.


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